Adobe Firefly is a generative AI tool for image creation, and in April the latest Image 3 Model was released. This is the sizzle reel I conceived and produced for the announcement including art creation using Adobe Firefly.
The concept is to build excitement with a count-off using Roman numerals. This is a build moment using the new Structure feature in Firefly to achieve the graphic count-off with art surrounding or appearing inside peeking through, coming out from behind, or built using the structure itself.
Soundtrack: Upbeat, punchy. Images cut to the beat.

John Caponi / Senior Creative Director / Concept and Art Development
Alejandro Chavetta / Group Creaive Director / Art Development
Deb Fant / Lead Studio Manager
Shannon Judkins / Studio Manager
E LarsonManaging Creative Director / Art Development
Sheila Vu / Associate Creative Director / Art Development
Maile Valentine / Writer
Keith Black / Video Producer
Very True Story / Motion Graphics

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