When Adobe contacted me and asked me to work on the next Adobe Remix,
the requirements and direction were very simple:

Create an inspired version of the Adobe logo which is an expression of your own style using style transfer TECHNOLOGY POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI

Being able to have the freedom on a project, especially something from Adobe, is a big opportunity for me to experiment with things I would have never done otherwise. For this project, I created a static hero image and an animation story. Being inspired from a lot of Sci-fi movies, I decided I would create the animated piece by combining every tool and technique I could think of to mix the physical world with the digital world. From painting, to using style transfer technology to experiment with different artistic styles, to filming a prism reflecting light from the texture of an iMAC, I mixed many different techniques together. 

This was my creative process and the story behind the animation. 
Process video:
Prism Scene: In the dark something creative is appearing
Planet Scene: Out of the dark something is forming, a creative colorful galaxy
(Style transfer technology was used to help create the organic textures in the galaxy)
AI Scene: There is a human shaped AI figure that is floating towards a big creative scene
Floating Scene: The figure is going through space and getting pulled from an energy source
Floating Scene: Another perspective where the figure is floating
Floating Scene: The figure is passing through this oil/acrylic looking organic shapes and going somewhere
Floating Scene: Another perspective of the scene
Energy Scene: The energy black hole that is pulling the AI figure towards it
Podium Scene: The figure is floating on a podium—something is forming and building up for a big scene
Podium Scene: Wider angle of previous scene
Podium Scene: A theater starts to appear where the figure is floating 
Space Scene: While everything else is happening in space, there is a transition, showing what is happening around
Energy Scene: The energy source is pulling the AI figure towards it, and here they become one
Logo Scene: After the AI figure merges together with the energy source, out comes the Adobe Logo
Final Scene: This is the scene where the logo is visible and everything surrounding it is creative and colorful

Adobe MAX Presentation: 
Adobe MAX Thoughts: This was a huge opportunity for me to visit the 2018 Adobe MAX conference and meet with so many cool creatives. Thanks to everyone who was there and came to say hi. Thanks to Julia and John and all the Adobe team who made me feel at home.

Final Thoughts: 

When I started this project, I did not know what I wanted to create. It was a complete experiment. But having the ability to mix a lot of tools together was what really excited me. Using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and style transfer technology powered by Adobe Sensei, gave me a huge opportunity to come up with cool looking designs. This was a big challenge, and a challenge I decided to take on in a short period of time. I had always wanted to create a long animation with a big purpose. There are so many things I learned and obstacles I faced from rendering to animation. But I learned so much. Looking back, I wish I would have done a few things differently, but the purpose was to learn and get better, and having the flexibility from Adobe was a huge opportunity for me. 

My final goal was to create a design and animation where you can feel the physical and digital world come together—from organic textures generated from acrylic paint using style transfer technology, to the prism shots—mixing everything together. I think I achieved my goal and look forward to hearing what you think.

Special thanks go to:
Vis Dako - For helping put the behind the scenes process video together
Vik Kraja - For helping with the music, that adds a lot to the animation
Mulle Beats - For letting me use his awesome music on the behind the scenes video

Thanks V

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