For this campaign, I developed the strategy, and concept, plus directed
and drove the creative to elevate and engage the 2022 MLB Postseason
fan experience.

The core of the idea centered around a simple question:
What type of Monster Fan are you?

Following is the pitch deck and user journey I presented to MLB and Adobe that brought the campaign to life.
When an Instagram-focused activation became problematic, we
shifted to a microsite that could be updated as the Postseason progressed, removing teams as they dropped out of the race.

In this flow fans are welcomed on the home page to select their favorite team. Then they are presented with 8 monster avatars with their chosen teams cap. Once they select an avatar, we build the art and make it a download so fans can post to their social channels to rep their team and show their monster fandom. Sharing an avatar qualified fans for a surprise and delight chance at free tickets to the World Series + travel stipend.
The beauty of this activation is it doesn't require anything of the fan. We're building a relationship and elevating their experience, connecting them to Adobe and MLB on a visceral level.
Sure they can take it further in Adobe Express if they want, but there is no requirement.

Art by Bakea
I always enjoy working with this incredible artist.

Caps Added

Branding Added


John Caponi / Senior Creative Director: Concept, strategy, creative direction and development
Alejandro Chavetta / Group Creative Manager
Bakea / Illustrations
Meredith Batcheller / Group Manager, Head of Global Sports Marketing
Hannah Etter / Manager, Sports Marketing
Backgrounds from Adobe Stock

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