In an intimate setting, guests from various disciplines (not necessarily tied to Adobe products) shared what they do, how they do it, the influences on their work, and other aspects of their individual stories.

The Goal
Build community in the marketing organization by taking people out of their daily tasks for a moment
of inspiration.
The Strategy
Adobe Studio
All Adobe Marketing Org
Brand Strategy
Adobe Design
Adobe Executives
Creatives around the world

How Creative Quarterly differs from other Adobe events
•   MAX / A huge live event (~15k attendees) for the creative community tied to Adobe products to inspire,
    demo our tools, and build community.
•   99U / A midsize live event (~1k attendees) that intersects the Behance community and Adobe products
    to provide career advice and resources for up-and-coming artists.
•   Discover / An online resource that intersects Adobe learn content with curated creative influencers
    from an editorial POV and tied to customer segments.
•   Creative Quarterly / An intimate live event(~15–30 attendees) held in-house to showcase creativity by
    speakers who may or may not use Adobe products.

Growing Creative Quarterly
•   More speaker events to compile robust programming that feeds into Discover in the form of synopsis +
    videos similar to Tiny Desk from NPR
•   Global expansion by scaling programming across Geos
•   Persistent article in Studio’s monthly newsletter
•   Pop-ups at conferences like MAX
        • Panel at MAX of CQ speakers
        • Round table discussions to bring the intimate angle to MAX; small groups spend 20–30 minutes with
          their mentors
       • Screening room for small groups to view a series of shorts (5-minute edits of the current year’s speakers),
          followed by a meet-and-greet with the featured speakers

Elevate Adobe Studio in a design leadership role
By scaling this program worldwide, Adobe Studio can expect to have a stronger visibility within the community
and with Adobe executives.

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