Adobe and Yungblud along with Live Nation partnered to elevate the Yungblud fan experience. In this campaign, we commissioned three creators to design posters that became the official posters for his 2023 tour. The posters were given away for free to fans at select Yungblud venues.
Fans were invited to remix the posters via Adobe Express and Adobe celebrated their participation with the following activities:

1 A Tour Celebration
Throughout the tour, a special autographed set of the three posters is mailed to fans who shared their remixes on social as a surprise and delight moment.

2 Fan Favorites
Ten fan favorites received an autographed print of their design, a cash sum, and got featured on tour.

3 Celebrating all Creators
All approved fan remixes were featured on tour to celebrate the incredible designs from around the world.

The Posters

Artist Brief
Adobe and Yungblud are commissioning 3 tour posters created by Adobe’s Creative Community. The Artists will be identified by Adobe and Yungblud for their diversity, unique style, and the city in which the tour crosses. The artists will collaborate with Adobe and Yungblud to convey the attitude, presence, and growth of Yungblud as an artist across 3 eras. Art elements from each artist will become kits for fans to use in Adobe Express to make their own posters.

Poster Mechanics
All creative will be infused into a defined shape. This will bring consistency between the 3 posters and become the primary vessel for the Adobe Express templates.
It will be important to consider the shape as they develop their work. Art can break the shape as long as the general integrity of the shape is kept intact. The shape is a container informed by Yungblud’s style. Yungblud’s logo, "Made with Adobe" and your signature will be part of the poster mechanics.

The Creators

Final Posters

Announce Video

Roll out Plan
The campaign was supported with an integrated, global marketing plan with Adobe Analytics to measure success. Key elements of the plan were are as follows:

Adobe Creativity Tour Site
Dedicated landing page with accompanying video content and bespoke Adobe Express templates, as well as localized German, French, Spanish, Korean and Japanese versions to drive participation. 

Yungblud Social
Announcement posts on Yungblud’s Tik Tok, Instagram, and FB channels, with additional posts to follow for the mid challenge video and fan favorite announcement video. 

Adobe Organic Social
Adobe Social posts across the Adobe Express Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels as well as support on the Brand Tik Tok, Twitter, IG, FB, and LinkedIn channels. 

Paid Media
Influencer support to help amplify awareness. FB, IG, and TT ads promoting our activation videos and templates with an emphasis in US + EMEA, including optimizations based on performance and learnings from our previous activations. Paid boosting of posts on Yungblud’s social channels (IG, FB, Tik Tok). 

Display ads on Spotify and Unidays, a standalone email send, Express & Student ambassador amplification, local blade (STE) & lobby (homepage) support.

Brand Comms
Press outreach to consumer, trade, and entertainment media, including confirmed interest with Hollywood Life (6.6M+ impressions) to do an exclusive interview with Yungblud.
Blade on our Creative Cloud Overview page. 

Specific learnings on Yungblud’s launch creative

Adobe comes across like a trustworthy company that knows how to appeal to young people. People like these community activations organized by Adobe.

60 Second Announce Video - focused on the Adobe brand
Creative assets. A big win of this creative is to showcase 3 digital artists along with Yungblud to explain their creative visions. People felt identified with the digital artists, and that led them to feel inspired to create, compelled to think of their own creations, and to try Adobe Express.

Yungblud is a good fit for Adobe, as Yungblud and Adobe are paired in their creativity. For those who see Adobe as a serious company, it is a positive surprise.

People felt motivated to participate, do research on the activation, and learn more Adobe Express.

30 Second Creative Video - focused on Adobe Express
Creative asset. This creative asset generates less interest than the announce video. Yungblud brings positive sentiment, but some people lose interest as the activation focuses on Yungblud, and some wish more focus on bringing their vision to life.

There was a good fit between Yungblud and Adobe, as both are perceived as creative. Adobe shows as open and transparent in reaching out to youth. For those who do not perceive Adobe as modern, it is a positive surprise, as they see Adobe stepping out of their comfort zone.

Compared to the 60s creative, focus on Yungblud decreases interest in the activation. Being featured on tour is not incentivizing. However, Adobe’s reputation motivates interest, and the creative makes people want to learn more about Adobe Express.


John Caponi / Senior Creative Director
Deb Fant / Lead Studio Manager
Lee Garrett / Senior Manager - Brand Marketing
Wendy Tang / Brand Marketing Manager

Live Nation
Noah Jordon / Director, Brand Management
Emily Debevec / Senior Director, Brand Management 
/ Sr. Art Director
Judy Rummell / Sr. Creative

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