The Bully Project Mural is a digital destination where people can share art, stories, and perspectives about bullying, its impact, and how we — the creative community — can help stop it. All the artwork and projects found within this Behance project come from the Behance creative community. See the full mural at
To share your story, go to Behance, create a new project, and add your art and words to the growing number of creative voices stepping up to stop bullying. Make sure you use the hash tag #thebullyprojectmural so we can locate your project on Behance.
Adrian & Gidi
A single chess piece against many opponents on an abstract chessboard. Showing the overwhelming inequality of bullying in the unpredictable environment of growing up.
Protect something precious, helpings hands we see it almost as a statue, that tries to help something very preciouswhite is also colour of hope. It symbolizes that we all have to work together to solve the problem of bullying.
The word "Tell", composed in bubbly letters is standing out from the word "Hell", composed in graffiti letters. The use of speech can break down the violence cycle and its dramatic consequences.
Mark Gmehling
Bullying is a variant of racism based on social status driven by group dynamics. The most uneducated are leading a mob of labile followers terrorizing persons not fitting their frame.
With this piece, beyond documenting a specific childhood memory, I hoped to evoke the feelings of loss, upheaval and even fear bullying introduces unnecessarily into a child's life.
Bullying isn´t always physical or violent – it can also be about treating someone like air.  Our artwork is inspired by statues – a metaphor for not being treated like a person. 
My response is based on the notion of acceptance and celebrating differences. My goal was to use differing patterns and colors on confectionary, an inseparable part of childhood, as a visual metaphor.
Pablo Álvarez
“I am starting to think I don’t feel anymore” — Alex Libby. Inside a spiral of chaos and pain, our mind builds up a shield that makes us impervious to anything coming from the outside. At the end this shield is destroying us, as we are decomposing inside our entrapped thoughts.
Leonardo Betti
There’s the necessity to keep your head up, to hug with people and spread love. True Love will give you a colorful and strong “Love” feedback that generates beauty.
Gastón Pacheco
The main concept of my piece is 'Contrast'; a lighter and friendly area where coexistence, empathy, harmony and color stand over broken, fragile and crushed symbolic elements dispersed in darkness.
In a world of beauty, the bully wants to control everything. He wants to convert each potential victim in a trophy and for this, he offers generously his venom. In his soul the hate is stronger than love. But he is not the pure evil, he is just blind... 
Flora Borsi
In this project I wanted to do something dramatic. My inspiration was my childhood. I would like to picture the essence of the destructive nature of verbal aggression by this photo-manipulation.
A portrait of an innocent fictional character, captured in a dreamlike state. Her face, illuminated by the physically burned area, serves as a visual metaphor for the willpower to erase and oppose negative memories and actions; to find the strength and courage in one's own inner self.
Sometimes the only escape from depression is to let your imagination take you somewhere else. As a kid, I would look to the night sky to let my mind wander. 
"I offer myself to all attacks, like some lonely rock in a shallow sea, which the waves never cease to beat upon from whatever quarter they may come, but which they cannot thereby move from its place nor yet wear away, for however many years they may unceasingly dash against it. Bound upon me, rush upon me, I will overcome you by enduring your onset: whatever strikes against that which is firm and unconquerable merely injures itself by its own violence.”
Seneca – Of a Happy Life, Book  XXVII
I always work hard to develop my art that can speak both to me and to others. I have been bullied all my life but art was there for me.

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